OSHA and the Handling of Bio-Medical Waste/HIPAA and our Risk Reduction Program 8-28-2-18

To: RSL Healthcare Consulting, LLC

You performed an OSHA/HIPAA training program and included your Risk Reduction program as an added bonus. 

As a first time user of your company, I must say, “Thank You!” 

You gave us time, education, and additional information to become more compliant. You pointed out things we could do to improve in a warm, friendly and educational manner explaining benefits to us and for our patients. 

With your assistance and guidance, we will set the standard for which others can follow. Thank you again. We know you are there for us and we look forward to working with for years to come.

Dr. Alexis Renta 

St. Jude Pain and Rehabilitation Specialists 

Boynton Beach, FL


Additional Testimonials for Surgical Compliance!!!!

RSL Healthcare Consulting Gets It All Done!!!


"From quarterly on-site QA inspections, 6 month peer review, annual self-inspections, annual OSHA trainings, Risk Management and HIPAA trainings, 3 year accreditation inspections to occurrence reporting, adverse incident reporting, updating our staff on ever changing regulations and statutes, creating new policies as well as revisiting existing policies when needed, The RSL Healthcare Consulting Team did it all!"

Office Based Surgery Center - 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Exceptional At What She Does...


Throughout her time with us, Randy had played an instrumental role in our ability to operate within compliance standards while providing optimal patient care. She is caring, devoted, easy to work with, liked by all our staff members and has an impeccable attention to detail. Bottom line, Randy is exceptionally great at what she does. We were very fortunate to have her help and expertise as we successfully obtained accreditation from the "Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare Inc (AAAHC).

Plastic Surgery Center - Ft. Lauderdale, FL