Risk Management Reduction Program

Non Surgical Risk Reduction Add On To Our OSHA Program


As a part of the Standard for Office Based Facilities, we will implement a Risk Management/Risk Reduction Communications Program. This program includes the following components: 

1) A Full Time Connection to Licensed Healthcare Managers that already have  a vested interest in your facilities success and the safety of your staff and patients.

2) The identification, investigation and analysis of the frequency and causes of occurrences and incidents to patients

3) The identification of trends or patterns of these incidents

4) The development of appropriate measures to correct, reduce, minimize and/or eliminate the risk of incidents to patients.

5) Full approval by Medical Director/Governing Body to be able to present to staff

5) Review and Training of all new policies with applicable staff to ensure full compliance with ability to comply. Proof of competency of understanding with staff.

The ONLY way for incidents to be identified, investigated, analyzed and then corrected, which would then reduce, minimize and/or eliminate them from happening again, is to document and communicate. That’s where the RSL Healthcare Consulting  Occurrence Report/Communication Form comes into play.

During our Risk Management/Risk Reduction training, which we include with our Annual OSHA or Quarterly QA meetings, all employees will be educated on:

1) What is Risk Management/Risk Reduction? And what constitutes an incident to be reported?

2) How can communication effectively reduce incidents from happening again

3) RSL Healthcare Consulting’s promise to effectively assist in areas of healthcare compliance and risk management.

Upon completion of Risk Management training (which is a part of either your QA/Risk Management Program or your OSHA program,, your staff will:

-  Be educated on the latest standards from OSHA and the Handling f Bio-Medical Waste and Risk Management/Risk Reduction

- Have an OSHA Exposure Control Plan, Biomedical Waste Plan, SDS Manual as well as a Risk Management Communications Policy

- Have the opportunity to ask additional questions

- Be provided with a Certificate of Completion for all education performed for the facility as well as each individual, if desired

- Educational Articles 

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RSL Healthcare Consulting, LLC is here to help you with all of your compliance needs and will always keep you up to date and at the highest standard of patient safety, satisfaction and facility compliance. 

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