Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. Be Proactive

Sexual Harassment!!! What does that mean to you and your organization?


New York State just passed a Mandatory Sexual Harassment training requirement for ALL employers with additional requirements for New York City! Regardless of whether your state is next or not, you should be prepared and you should educate your staff on what is and is not acceptable in the workplace…in Your Workplace!

RSL Healthcare Consulting, LLC has a program in line with the highest standards set in the country and we are ready to educate your organization on both, harassment and sexual harassment.

With your approval, our program will reinforce to your organization that you maintain a “Zero Tolerance” policy on harassment. They will be educated on what is considered harassment and what they can do, without retribution, if it happens to them. Our program also encourages your staff to maintain a professional environment for the benefit of both employee and client/patient.

In line with New York State and City Requirements, we have created an interactive program that includes, but is not limited to:

· A written anti-harassment policy to be specifically designed for your organization

· Interactive training, via on-site or tele-communication

· Our Program includes

   o An explanation of what constitutes  sexual harassment or otherwise

   o Examples of conduct that would be considered unlawful or sexual harassment

   o Bystander Intervention Education

   o Information on resources for victims of unlawful and/or sexual harassment

   o A standard complaint/grievance form

   o The promise for a timely and confidential investigation by a neutral committee including due process for all parties

   o An acknowledgement of training and ability to comply

   o And more…

Contact RSL Healthcare Consulting, LLC at 561-213-5125 or to learn more about our program and how you can be proactive in the fight to stop harassment!

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RSL Healthcare Consulting, LLC is here to help you with all of your compliance needs and will always keep you up to date and at the highest standard of patient safety, satisfaction and facility compliance. 

Please call us to find out the latest rules and regulations and how we can help you and your facility.

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