Emergency Rule-Brazilian Butt Lift - Effective June 27, 2019

Emergency Rule for the Brazilian Butt Lift

Excerpt from Rule.  For full rule, see link below:  

During recent years gluteal fat grafting, commonly referred to in marketing literature and the media as the “Brazilian Butt Lift,” has become a popular cosmetic procedure in Florida and around the world. It is a procedure, commonly performed in office surgery facilities, where a surgeon removes fat from an unwanted area such as the abdomen or thighs and inserts the fat into the patient’s buttocks to enlarge and recontour the buttocks. 

Unfortunately, this procedure has been connected to numerous patient deaths

The Board does not believe that an outright ban on gluteal fat grafts is necessary, but it does believe that continuing to allow gluteal fat grafts that include intramuscular or submuscular injections of fat would present an immediate danger to the health, safety and welfare of Florida’s patients. Accordingly, the Board, by emergency rule, establishes a standard of care for gluteal fat grafts that allows the injection of fat into the subcutaneous space. The crossing of the superficial gluteal fascia, however, will be prohibited as well as intramuscular or submuscular injections of fat. The Board is of the opinion that its actions are a measured regulatory approach that protects Florida’s patients while maintaining the availability of this popular aesthetic surgical procedure. 

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