OSHA/Exposure Control/HIPAA/Risk Reduction Program

OSHA and the Handling of Bio-Medical Waste, Exposure and Infection Control Training, HIPAA as well as our Risk Management/Risk Reduction Program 


OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)’s mission is to prevent work-related injuries, illnesses and occupational fatality by issuing and enforcing standards for workplace safety and health.  

Part of the enforced standard is to legally require annual training on the dangers and safety protocols for Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens and the Handling of Bio-Medical Waste in accordance with OSHA standard 29 CFP 1910.1030 as well as State of Florida Dept. of Health Chapter 64E-16, F.A.C. Biomedical Waste.

Our Program meets the OSHA Annual Training Requirement for Bloodborne Pathogens and Handling of Biomedical Waste including the newest Hazard Communication Standards.

All employees will be educated on the epidemiology, symptoms, and transmission of bloodborne pathogen diseases and handling of biomedical waste. In addition, the training program covers, at a minimum, the following elements:

1) An explanation of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard and Handling of Biomedical Waste including the newest Hazard Communications.

2) An explanation of methods to recognize tasks and other activities that may involve exposure to blood including what constitutes an exposure incident

3) An explanation of the types, uses, location, removal, handling, decontamination, and disposal of PPE

4) APIC standards for Infection Control

5) Information on the hepatitis B vaccine, including information on its mode of transmission, symptoms,  prevention methods, benefits of being vaccinated and that the vaccine will be offered free of charge

6) Information on the appropriate actions to take and persons to contact in an emergency involving blood or other potentially infection materials

7) An understanding of your medical records following an exposure incident


1) Who is impacted by HIPPA, what documents are affected and what information is protected.

2) HIPAA’s boundaries on the Use and Disclosure of Health Information

3) How HIPPA gives “patients”

more control over their own health information  as well as safeguards for protecting the privacy of health information

4) How HIPAA holds providers and payers accountable for violations of privacy requirements 

5) How your office is compliant with protecting patient’s health information


As a part of the Standard for Office Based Facilities, we will implement a Risk Management/Risk Reduction Communications Program.  This program includes the following components: 

1) The identification, investigation and analysis of the frequency and causes of occurrence and incidents to patients

2) The identification of trends or patterns of these incidents

3) The development of appropriate measures to correct, reduce, minimize and/or eliminate the risk of incidents to patients.

The ONLY way for incidents to be identified, investigated, analyzed and then corrected, which would then reduce, minimize and/or eliminate them from happening again, is to document and communicate. 

 That’s where the RSL Healthcare Consulting Occurrence Report/Communication Form comes into play.

During our Risk Management/Risk Reduction training, all employees will be educated on:

1) What is Risk Management/Risk Reduction? And what constitutes an incident to be reported?

2) How can communication effectively reduce incidents from happening again

3) RSL Healthcare Consulting’s promise to effectively assist in areas of healthcare compliance and risk management .


1)  Be educated on the latest standards from OSHA and the Handling of Bio-Medical Waste, HIPAA and Risk Management/Risk Reduction

2) Have an OSHA Exposure Control Plan, Biomedical Waste Plan, SDS Manual as well as a Risk Management Communications Policy

3) Have the opportunity to ask additional questions

4)  Be provided with a Certificate of Completion for all education performed for the facility as well as each individual, if desired

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