QA/Risk Management Program

QA/Risk Management Program

Part of the services that RSL Healthcare Consulting, LLC  offers to medical and  surgical facilities, whether state or accredited include, but are not limited to:

· Office Surgery/Procedural -State/Accreditation. RSL Healthcare Consulting will perform all risk management services as outlined, for client to become or maintain the highest standards of compliance with appropriate state and federal regulations as well as applicable accrediting body regulations.

Start-up Services

RSL Healthcare Consultant, LLC will be responsible for applying for, developing and submitting  application(s) for office surgery registration and/or accreditation.


Consultant will provide the following:

  • Quality Assurance Manual
  • Risk Management Manual
  • Clinical Policy and Procedure Manual
  • OSHA/Infection Control/ Exposure Control Manual
  • Bio-Medical Waste Manual
  • SDS Manual
  • Life Safety Manuals
  • Drills Manual
  • Consultant will provide the facility with all required forms and logs

On-Going Risk Management Services

  • Consultant will provide quarterly visits via on-site or tele-communication.
  • Complete Quality Assurance/Risk Management Reports according to all applicable regulations
  • Random chart audits
  • Employee file review
  • Chair Quality Assurance meeting
  • Cure any deficiencies either on site, if possible or write up process to cure deficiencies and ensure all are in full understanding of new policy including a full education to staff of new policy
  • Be available to facility and staff for all on-going questions, events, training, etc.

Consultant will perform initial and annual training for all employees in the following areas:

  • OSHA and the Handling of Bio-Medical Waste training
  • Risk Management, including occurrence reporting
  • Infection Control including sterilization
  • Assist in the performance of OR Code Drills
  • And more...

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RSL Healthcare Consulting, LLC is here to help you with all of your compliance needs and will always keep you up to date and at the highest standard of patient safety, satisfaction and facility compliance. 

Please call us to find out the latest rules and regulations and how we can help you and your facility.

For more information, and for a free consultation, please call 561-213-5125 or email Please also visit our linkedin and facebook pages at RSL Healthcare Consulting, LLC and Remember:

It is our company’s goal to become "YOUR PARTNER IN PATIENT SAFETY"