All Hands On Deck! AngioGraph and more

Oversite Always Needed and WELCOMED --- Even with EXCEPTIONAL PERSONNEL

TAKE one of, if not the BEST Vascular Surgeons in South Florida, Dr. Hilario Martinez,  add a very EXPERIENCED Nurse Anesthetist, include a surgical assistant, vascular tech and AMAZING REPS from Boston Scientific and RA Medical to oversee and you would  think you have a Great Team in place!!! AND YOU ARE CORRECT--- But does the documentation reflect all that you have proven in the OR???  Are the I's dotted and the T's crossed???  

That is why you invited RSL Healthcare Consulting, LLC into your OR to observe, comment and educate to the best of our and your ability!  What a wonderful and hopefully educational experience for all!

Thank you to all for inviting us and we look forward to a wonderful and growing relationship

RSL Healthcare Consulting, LLC

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